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Course details: 

The 1 Day Moderator training aims to equip Human Factors Moderators with a toolkit of Moderation techniques for conducting Front-End usability research, Formative evaluations and Summative Evaluations.


​This course covers:

  • Moderation Techniques for each type of study

  • Moderation Best Practice

  • Moderation Troubleshooting skills for handling of issues in real-time


The course also assesses each delegates moderation style and provides them with real-time feedback on their moderation approach. The course is then designed to provide mentoring and coaching to Moderators to further develop their moderation skill set. 

Next public course date:

  • 18th April 2019 - London

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What you will learn:

  • Role and Expectations of a Moderator’s from an FDA perspective

  • Creation of Discussion Guides and test sessions in terms of Observational tasks, Verbalisation questions and Knowledge based questioning.

  • Moderator technique for Front-End Research (Ethnographic research, Focus Groups, Competitive Comparative Analysis, Co-Creation etc).

  • Handling of difficult moderation scenarios. For example:

    • What to do if the moderator is suspicious of the eligibility of a participant

    • How to manage slips in overall timings in study sessions when in a Formative and Summative test to ensure critical tasks are still covered.

    • How to manage participant nerves to ensure data integrity is not compromised 

  • Moderator technique for Formative evaluations including probing.

    • Practical critique of moderation technique for all delegates

  • Moderator technique for Summative evaluations including probing.

    • Practical critique of moderation technique for all delegates.

  • Observer role’s and techniques to assist for faster data analysis

  • Moderator De-briefs and handling of multiple data collection points.

  • Analysis techniques (including artefact identification and root-cause analysis)

  • Transcription tools (manual vs programmes)